Financial Coaching

Creative Financial Services, Inc. will give you the tools you need to live well today while still planning responsibly for tomorrow.  Our focus is to help you get what you want out of life, what you value, and what’s most important and unique to you.  That means the precise work you do with your financial planner may look different then the next person because you’re working with different variables.  But it’s scary to leap into something that has the ability to transform your life, like financial planning, without any tangible idea of what the process will look like.  Our Coaching for Financial Fitness Program includes a comprehensive and customized “Fitness Plan” designed to help you reach your goals and become “Financially Fit”.  The program is offered in 6, 9, or 12-month options and will include a monthly discussion on mutually agreed topics.  

Use this high-level overview to get a feel for the steps we will take together in our financial planning program.


Financial Coaching Steps:

1. Gather Information – Take a look at what you have (and don’t) to understand your financial picture, accounts, student loans, credit cards, employer benefits, insurance policies, credit analysis.

2. Set Priorities – Talk about your priorities, what you want to enjoy more of, and what you want to have in your life. We will discuss your thoughts and ideas and explore your opportunities for doing more with your money.

3. Create a Strategy – Get into action and take specific, deliberate, strategic action to go from where you are today to where you would rather be right now and into the future.

4. Explore Additional Opportunities – We will discuss opportunities that are relevant to you.  We will create an investment strategy that meets your needs while balancing factors like your time horizon and appetite for risk.

5. Implement Mutually Agreed Upon Recommendations –  We will provide you with the accountability, guidance, and coaching you need to get out there and play your best financial game. We will be your financial coach to get more from every dollar you use or invest.

6. Review and Monitor Recommendations and Progress – If there is one thing we can guarantee, it’s that life changes. Financial plans should evolve and change, too. We will periodically review and adjust your strategy so that it remains in line with your current views about the present and the future.

We are passionate around here about changing our client’s lives for the better.  We look forward to celebrating the achievement of your goals with you.


Coaching for Financial Fitness Modules

* Understanding Yourself & Your Money/ Goal Setting

* Budgeting & Cash Flow

* Debt Management & Elimination

* Credit Basics

* Insurance Review

* Tax Planning

* Retirement Planning

* Employer Benefit Review/Executive Compensation

* Estate Planning

* Charitable Giving

* Small Business Considerations

* College Savings & Funding

* Marriage & Money

* Investing

* Lifestyle/Change of Life Planning

* Planning & Saving for Special Goals

* Planning for Incapacity

* Social Security Optimization

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