Be a self-made lottery winner!

Jill Isbell |

Let me share a very common conversation I have when at a party; some background information may be helpful for you. I may not know a lot of people at the party and so I mingle with the hope of striking up a conversation. I engage in "small talk", with the desire it will lead to something more meaningful. Normally the topic of occupation comes up...'and what do you do?' I politely say I am an Investment Adviser. There is normally a step back from the person and then they say this classic line...'well, when I win the lottery, I will come and talk to you.' Of course, I am not holding my breath because I know that what they are really saying is, I don't have a bunch of money, so I can't be an investor and I know I won't win the lottery.

I know I am speaking to the choir when I say that one does not need to win the lottery to invest. In fact statistics say that most lottery winners are worse off than they were prior to winning in a period of 3-5 years. What it takes to be an investor is an allocation of dollars into an account dedicated for growth. It is just that simple that a majority of people miss it entirely. Dollar + dollar+ dollar x an average return and the "magic" of compounding will in time make you a self-made lottery winner. 

So, my question is, do you want to beat the odds? You do this by investing monthly. That is how you become your own lottery winner.

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Pauli Hubbard, CFP